Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My wife, the excel genius...

So my beautiful little wife spent an unusually large amount of time behind the computer the other night...I thought she was typing away furiously at a new blog entry, but she was using the wonders of Excel to make a spread sheet that would become my shopping list. read that correctly...Excel spread sheet shopping list.

A novel enough be quite honest, I was very proud of my amazing bride. Quite ingenious actually. I thought it would work like a charm...

until I got to the store.

That is, when I actually got to the store. I was initially about a block away when I realized I had left the damn thing at home.

Turned around; went home; ran inside; grabbed the list; back in truck; hauled ass back to the store; pulled into grocery store parking lot: total of 27mins. (with daughter, Ashley, mildly amused at my absent-mindedness)

Looked at my wife's incredible creation and realized that the whole could be streamlined by having clearer definitions...e.g. 1lb. tomatoes=16oz. can of tomatoes; 1 lrg Canned Onions=French's French Fried Onions; corn starch=??(who knew there were so many varieties of cornstarch?); canned coconut=bagged, shredded coconut.
I'm sure you can understand my confusion over terminology...we've since worked that part out.

The other, more important, area of streamlining that could benefit the list is to have the categories on the spread sheet correlate with the different aisles of the store. This may not seem to be a good idea because of the many different stores and their respective layouts, however since Holly and I almost always shop at the same store, I think it could benefit the spread sheet shopping list. I mean...if you're going to be anal about making a shopping list, you might as well be as OCD about it as you can!!!
However, our list was not cross-referenced by aisle contents, and I spent more time than I wanted, trying to figure out where stuff was and jumping from one column to the next keeping up with what was on the list, and going from aisle to aisle trying not to forget anything on the list.

Anyhoo...we finished shopping. Got most of the stuff on the list, save a few items that weren't available at that particular store. And to be honest...the official spread sheet shopping list (T.O.S.S.S.L. for short) worked pretty well.

btw...upon finishing our shopping spree, I had Ashley use the list and a marker to double check everything that was not we can make an amended list for the next trip!!

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