Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How appropriate...

Is exactly what I thought when I read a particular quote(s) from a book that I've been reading lately.

The book is called "Ghost Rider: Travels on the Healing Road" by Neil Peart. It's quite the read. It is the memoirs of a man whose life was shattered by loss, not once, but twice in about fourteen months. His choice of dealing with his life altering events...an aimless motorcycle ride that carried him across Canada, the western United States, Mexico, and Belize.
Oddly enough, his journeys took him through some of the same areas that I have travelled through over the years, and even more oddly, his documented healing process has helped me to understand a lot of my own actions that occurred during my own grieving of the loss of my father. For me, there was no prescribed process that was obtained by way of a self-help book(no Idiot's Guide to Grieving and Loss for me!)...there was only an inexplicable set of actions which somehow helped me. I, for a while, was going through my grieving doing certain things without necessarily knowing the why behind them. Neil's book helped me understand the why behind my own personal process.
Please pardon the short digression...the loss of my father and my grieving shall have to be another entry altogether.

The quote that moved me was this:
"Truman Capote once wrote that he believed that anybody who loved somebody else and pursued them ardently enough would eventually get them, for no one can resist being loved that much."

I instantly thought of my girl, Holly. I had never pursued her ardently in our younger years, however, when I did lay everything on the line, and professed my long-time, never-ending love for her, she didn't make me chase her for long before relenting and deciding to give in to the idea of the possibility of there being an "us"(that is to say, there being an "us" that was more than being just "best-est friends").
Sometimes, as rare and scattered as those times may be, I hear a line from a song or a movie, or perhaps read it in a book...a line that somehow embodies an emotion or event in my life, or better yet, simply seems to somehow apply to me.

"How appropriate," I always think to myself.

Another line that struck me as quite befitting to my relationship with Holly was this one:
"...'principle of serendipitous confluence.' Or more simply, finding the right person at the right time."
I found this one to immediately remind me of Holly because she has always been through the years, regardless of how or when our lives happened to occasionally intersect along the way, the right person at the right time. To me, our entire relationship throughout the years somehow is the embodiment of the "principle of serendipitous confluence", for we always happened to find and rediscover each other at those times when we needed each other the most, and no one else would have filled that need any better.

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