Monday, September 19, 2011

"Honey-do" list...

Yep...every married man has one. Today, I was no different.

Yessir, I had my marching orders for today. A list of errands and small chores to get least for today.

Here's the list for today:
Take wife to work...check.
Purchase/install a new car battery for/in my wife's car...check, check.
Fix cabinet door in kitchen...check.
Go to water department to have bill adjusted...check.
Purchase used baby furniture...check.
Pick up wife from work...on time...check and check.
Put a special gift on layaway...check(with wife present).
Deliver baby furniture...check(again, with wife present).

Yep, I got 'em all done. I even managed to get in some reading while having my late morning coffee.

Don't ask me why I feel such a sense of accomplishment...I just do. Perhaps it's because I rarely get all of the items on my daily "honey-do" list crossed off. Today's minor accomplishments may not seem like that big of a deal, but trust me when I tell you it is!! All I know is no point this evening did my wife slump her shoulders, fling her arms to her sides, furrow her brow and exclaim,
"Oh man!...Dammit!!...I needed that done today!".
At least, not in my presence and certainly not on my account. Nope...not today.

Note- My "honey-do" list is ever expansive. There's no possible way I can get done everything that I need to get done...for some items to be completed it's a careful balance of time, money, energy, and motivation. And, it seems, I rarely possess all four of those simultaneously.

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  1. You forgot to add that I called you every hour on the hour to keep you on task...just sayin...