Sunday, September 25, 2011

The 39th Annual Band Jamboree

Ok…so tonight Holly and I went to the 39th Annual Band Jamboree.

Basically it’s an exhibition put on by the county board of education that features most, if not all, of the local high school bands. Every band gets their chance to shine on the field. There are judges who grade the performances and offer objective advice on how and where to make improvements before competition season, which will begin in a few weeks.

There were plenty of bands…some were good…some not as good…some were pretty amazing!

Holly and I had an incredible time. Being there brought back so many fond memories for both of us…memories of being in marching band ourselves. At one point she mentioned that she was cold, and I (as I always did so many years ago) unzipped my jacket and let her warm her hands inside…kind of like hugging me under my jacket. It used to excite me beyond words back then, and again tonight, I felt the same level of excitement as I did all those years ago.

My first time marching in the band jamboree was at the 12th annual…Holly’s was the 13th. Funny how all of those memories (even the ones we had lost track of) all came rushing back as if it were just yesterday. Seeing it all again made me feel so blessed to have experienced it in the first place, and put into perspective just how precious some of those memories are.

I can only hope that the kids in these marching bands are building the same type of timeless memories that Holly and I did during our time together in high school marching band.

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