Sunday, October 2, 2011


Ok...since the term "Debbie Cakes" is in the name of my blog, I figured it might be time to write about them.

I can't speak for the rest of the world, but here in the South there is a thing known as Little Debbie. Little Debbie is a family owned bakery that creates snack cakes. Over 75 varieties of them to be more precise. You can find them in grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, truck stops, drug stores...basically anywhere you can find a King Size package of Peanut M&Ms, you'll more than likely find Little Debbie cakes somewhere close by.

Now...having said that, I have a theory about the more successful varieties. The ones that seem to be the most popular -at least in my mind- employ what I like to call the "Peel-Apart Component".
Most every variety from Little Debbie has it...and anyone who has enjoyed the scrumptrulesence of a Little Debbie cake has more than likely taken advantage of it.

For example:
Nutty Bars...You can separate the layers of wafers exposing the delicious peanut butter filling inside. If you are a seasoned Little Debbie pro, you can peel them apart leaving all of the peanut butter intact.
Fudge Rounds...You can rotate the top and bottom layers of this inviting treat and break it apart like a really soft Oreo cookie. If you are really good you can achieve perfect separation with the exact same amount of chocolate filling on each side.
Swiss Cake Rolls...You can peel off the chocolate shell on the outside and then unroll the cake to expose the creamy filling.
I could go on, but there I think you get the idea.

Now that I'm really thinking about it all...there are a lot of candies, cookies, and cakes that are generally more fun to eat because you can peel them apart, break 'em open, or one-at-a-time them. Maybe that's what makes 'em so fun to eat...and so quick to wreck my diet. Maybe carrots and celery would be much more appealing if they had a "Peel-Apart Component"...probably not.

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