Thursday, September 1, 2011

Oncoming trucks...

Ever been in one of those situations in which you see someone you love making bad choices in life?
...where all you want to do is yell, "Stop!! Truck!! There's a big truck coming!! Get out of the road!!"
... and all they do is keep standing out there in the middle of the road with a disgruntled grin on their face?
...where all you want to do is push them out of the way and yell, "Move you idiot!! Can't you see there's a truck coming?!?"
...and all they do is push back and say, "Shut up...I got this! I know what I'm doing!!" too.

And then after they get run over, they look at you and ask, "Dude, why in the hell did you let me walk out in the road like that? Why didn't you warn me about that truck?"
...and you don't want to say to them, "Dude, I told you that truck was coming" but you feel that you need to say something but all you can say as you help them pick themselves up is, "Uh...I dunno. What truck?" too.

Maybe I should just quit waving my arms and shouting and instead grab a comfy lawnchair, a hot dog, and a refreshing beverage and sit back to watch the show. Then, after the truck comes by I can sit back and laugh as if I'm watching some twisted episode of "Jackass" and exclaim to my freshly flattened loved one, "Holy crap!! That was awesome!! That truck really ran you over!! I can't believe you just stood there and took it!! You're a dumbass!!"

I really should invest in that lawnchair. However...I guess I'll just help my loved one get up and dust off. Hopefully I won't seem like too much of an idiot when I ask, "Truck? Dude...What truck?"

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