Thursday, September 22, 2011

"X" must stand for delusional...

Ok America!! It's time for another one of those "Vote For Your Favorite Pop-Star Wannabe" shows.
This time it's called "The X Factor", and somehow, some way, some one is about to Forrest Gump their way to stardom. Hopefully the winner will at least have talent...perhaps, "X" will have a better track record of actually finding and making stars than "Idol"(which, by the way, is only batting about .500 or less by my calculations).'s my beef with all of it always has been with "Idol" and any other bullshit show like it:(can you tell that these shows offend me somewhat?)
First of all...what ever happened to working your ass off to become great at something, and then working your ass off to become successful at it?
Second...what ever happened to finding a true passion in life and pursuing that passion at all costs, concerning yourself only with becoming good at it because you love it?
Third...while there is certainly the oddball chance that someone like Kelly Clarkson or Carrie Underwood will come along and get discovered, why, for the love of all that is holy, does everyone under the sun think that they have talent like the aforementioned women?

Why do so many tone-deaf, monotonic people think they can become famous singers instantly overnight? True, overnight success has happened to a few talented folks...but come on...the few that it has happened to(the true amazing superstars like Kelly or Carrie) actually are gifted singers who are passionate about their craft and have worked really hard to hone their talents. Most of these "audition idiots" seem to be passionate enough when they audition, but they all seem to share the same delusion they are great because they think of themselves as being so. Self confidence is a wonderful quality to possess, but not when it leads to delusional thinking.
So they start crying uncontrollably when they get told "no". They sometimes argue with the judges (usually only one of which is actually qualified to discover new talent) about the fact that they are a good singer in spite of what the judges might think. I guess someone lied to them along the way and didn't act like a real friend and slap them with a dose of reality. Then they pitch a big 'ol fit and start blaming Simon for shattering their dreams of becoming rich and famous.
Exactly the problem...their dreams are to be rich and famous...not being a great singer and doing whatever it takes to become one. Do these idiots cry every time they buy a lottery ticket and then don't hit the winning numbers? Are these idiots even remotely passionate about singing?

For the handful of gifted individuals who make the cut and have been given an opportunity to advance their careers...well done! You've obviously worked hard at becoming good at what you do and you clearly possess an intangible quality that will serve you well.

For the handful of potential contestants who audition, get declined, and say "Thank you" and move on...better luck next time. You gave it one hell of a try. I'm sure you will do what it takes to one day realize your dreams.

For the rest of you ungrateful overnight-success-wannabes...grow up. Find your true passion in life. Figure out how to make a living at it. True happiness will be yours one day. If all you are interested in is being rich and famous for the sake of being rich and famous...go tag along with some overly well-to-do debutante tart and maybe she'll let you borrow her silver spoon for a minute. Otherwise, pack up your toys and stay out of the way of those who are working so hard to truly achieve something. You should be thankful that a t.v. producer thought you would be amusing to make fun of and decided to give you your proverbial "fifteen minutes".

In the words of Forrest Gump...
"And that's all I have to say about that."

The truly messed up part of it all is that I will more than likely become morbidly curious like the majority of America and watch almost every episode! UGH!!

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