Sunday, August 21, 2011

Detroit Rock City

We had a great show this past weekend in the Motor City!
A capacity crowd at Ford excited crowd...a rowdy crowd!
The energy in the place was HUGE!

I love it when the crowd is really into the show, singing every word of every song and having a great time...

It dawned on me at one point during KC's set that there is something that never happens to our band, at least, it never happens with any regularity. We never have issues with drunk people getting onstage, uninvited. We never have women throwing their under-garments at us while we're onstage. We never have women exposing themselves at us during the show. Not that we want them to...honestly, we're quite happy with that arrangement. We seem to have somewhat of a good-time party vibe without losing touch with the idea that it's cool to bring kids to the show...we really enjoy the idea that kids can generally come to our shows.

What would we do if someone did get onstage uninvited?- Probably of many security personnel would politely escort them off the stage and the show would continue uninterrupted. We did have a drunk guy walk onstage during a show once. He was holding a t-shirt in one hand and a Sharpie in the other...apparently it didn't occur to him that the middle of a song is not the appropriate time to ask for an autograph. He got within ten feet of ZB and Massif had him wrangled up and was dragging him off before anyone could even tell what was happening. Poor guy didn't even know what hit him, though I could could imagine that it felt something akin to being hit by a truck, having that truck fold you up like a cheap lawn chair, and then having said truck throw you into a garbage bin.
What would we do if someone threw under-garments onto the stage?- Again, probably nothing. At most, we would laugh about it...but the show would go on. It did happen once on a cruise ship. Someone threw the most fabulously cute, pink striped thong onstage during a show. All of us pretty much ignored it. Later, I noticed the hand of a drunken woman reaching across the edge of the stage in an effort to fetch them. The funny part is she was squatting down, trying to hide her face, obviously in the hopes of not being noticed...epic fail. I was laughing so hard that I almost fell off the stage.
The question that begs to be asked is this...If you are going to be crass enough to fling your underwear at your favorite band who happens to be onstage, why on earth would you go and try to get them back? More importantly...Why would you think you wouldn't be noticed?

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