Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Change in the air...

Change is definitely all around us right now.
The summer is slowly starting to transition into fall. One of my daughters is back at school, starting her junior year of high school; the other starting her sophomore year of college in just a few days. My wife has started a new job today. And I have ended literally ended one business relationship while starting another that will take its place.
Change is scary for some folks...understandably so. It is our fear of the unknown that tends to create so much anxiety over change. I, however, welcome it. It means that new chapters in our lives are beginning...for some of us, it means whole new books are beginning.
Some things never change. It is there that we can find comfort. The things that don't change provide for us the stability to keep us up during the upheavals that changes can bring.
I could be wrong about all of this...who knows?


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