Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ta-dah!! Just that easy!!

So I'm hangin' out at the house, and I happened to see a small piece of a television show in which a struggling musician who has just experienced a small career setback says to his girlfriend, "Well, I guess if it were easy to make it in this business, everyone would be doing it."

The phrase struck me deeply for some reason. In spite of those words being spoken as part of a prime-time drama's banter, I don't think any statement could be any more true.

I remember thinking (and saying) the same thing once after having a conversation with a random person at a not-so-random event.

The random guy asked me, " do I get a gig like you've got?"
My reply was, "That's an interesting question with an interesting story. Why? Are you a musician?"
The next statement was what perplexed me the most...
Random guy answers with, "No. I don't play anything. But I've always thought it would be fun. I've been thinking about buying a really big, really nice, really expensive drum kit, but I don't want to make that kind of big investment unless I definitively know that I can have a high profile gig like yours."
My retort?..."(laughing) Well, maybe you should stick to your day job."

---To be absolutely honest- it seriously pissed me off that this nimrod thought that my good fortune in life was just whimsically gone into, as if I used to be an accountant and then woke up one morning, bored with numbers, and simply decided that I would be a drummer in a well known band.'s exactly just as simple as that!!! Quit your job, buy an instrument, and SHAZAAM!! You're now playing in front of tens of thousands of people nightly and conveniently rich and famous! What an asshole.---

"No...really dude," the random guy says. "If I go and drop a bunch of money on a really huge and expensive set of drums, how can I guarantee that I'll become rich and famous like you?"
"(more laughter) No...really. Stick to your day job. There aren't any guarantees that you'll ever become successful enough to even make a decent living...especially considering that you don't know how to play yet."
Random guy gets a deeply concerned look on his face and asks, "So how did you get to become rich and famous?"
My retort?..."I'm neither rich, nor famous...but thank you for thinking that I am. Truth is, I've been very blessed to be able to do what I love for a living. I would do it for little or nothing...and have many times."

As I walked away from the conversation with random nimrod I quietly whispered to myself, "If it were just that simple...everyone would be doing it."

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  1. You should have slapped him with one of your sticks....preferably one of your MS4's...
    If he only knew the hours that you have put into your playing~ the repetition, the discipline, the sacrifice and the perseverance - he probably would have walked away saying "he is crazy"....
    Thank you for being such an inspiration to some of us "realistic" people who realize how very hard you have worked to get to where you are today. You are a true example of " You Get What You Give ". You have given your heart and soul to your music and as a result, so many people like me get to enjoy and learn from you on a daily basis, just by listening to you play!
    Looking forward to seeing you play soon!
    ~Tim & Bonnie :)