Monday, April 9, 2012

Where have I been?

Ok, ok, ok...
For the extremely small number of you who actually read this stuff, I sincerely apologize for the long gap between blogs.
There has been much going on. For those of you who are not married to me and would have no other way of knowing, the guys and I have been completing a new record (CD for you Gen-Xers, and "Downloadable Collection" for you youngsters out there!). We also started the new tour season recently. All pretty exciting stuff.

Life for me lately has been pretty normal, I guess...excepting of course for walking the red carpet at the ACMs. My grass is in desperate need of mowing...I suppose I can tackle that this week. I'm sure parts of my home would benefit greatly from a stern spring cleaning...and perhaps a thinning out of stuff I no longer need. Maybe I will get to that one this week also (although I wouldn't bet on it! Eventually, yes, but probably not this week!) My girls are great. No real drama these days. My wife is still the most awesome wife ever...of course! (Be envious gentlemen...very envious!)

Like I life these days is fairly normal.

I did recently discover the wonderful world of twitter.  @chrisfryarZBB  in case you're curious. As with my blogging, I make no claims to being prolific nor entertaining with my tweets...but I am having fun nonetheless.

I also learned how to play the game of craps. Holly and I were in Vegas for the ACMs and we had some free time and decided to entertain ourselves with a short trip to the casino. Personally, I don't believe there is actually is such a thing as gambling...rather, I think there are activities that consist solely of winning and losing. Society refers to it as gambling because society doesn't want to admit to being a total dumbass sucker that happens to be better at losing than winning...just my opinion, I could be wrong.
As it turns out, Holly and I had a blast in the casino. We had anticipated losing a set amount of money, but "beginner's luck" intervened instead. We left with considerably more than what we went in with and had an amazing time. We're already planning to go back soon...not to try to repeat our winning streak, but to just spend time there in Vegas as tourists.

Tonight, Holly and I watched a special on the R.M.S. TITANIC. It featured a lot of footage of the actual wreckage, filmed by director James Cameron, who, in my humble opinion, is very clearly obsessed. It was a terrible tragedy that will probably forever be a mystery. And, Cameron is probably responsible for making it possible for us to know much of what we know about that horrible occurrence of April 15, 1912. His obsession will clearly be our gain. All I know is I have really enjoyed watching this program...especially so because I watched it with my honey! (Though, I could have done without hearing that damn Celine Dion song again. Sorry ladies, I know that you all love it for some reason that completely escapes me, but I think I would rather listen to a family of pissed-off badgers that have been thrown into a tree chipper.)

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