Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Bucket List

Just in case you haven't heard, or aren't familiar with the term...
"Bucket List" is a slang term for that list of things you want to do or accomplish before you die.

Recently, during an interview with one of my favorite local reporters, I was asked about my personal bucket list and what kind of things are on it. I can't remember the exact answer I gave, however, after much thought and deliberation over the matter...the answer I gave may have been too vague, esoteric, and not at all the type answer that the interviewer was looking for. So -for my friend, Mary, who was so kind to put me on the spot, and was also so forgiving and patient with my candid, yet ambiguous answer- I have amended my response.

I have decided to include some of my bucket list items here in this post. Please bear in mind that this is not a complete bucket list, and certainly not listed in any particular order. So here goes...

*Visit places of archeological antiquity-
       ~ Great Pyramid of Giza
       ~ Stonehenge
       ~ Machu Picchu
       ~ The Acropolis
       ~ Easter Island
       ~ Ankor Wat
       ~ Chichen Itza
       ~ Petra
*Drive a race car...a REAL race car...REALLY FAST!!
*Go spite of being scared shitless of heights.
*Play shows at notable venues-
       ~Hollywood Bowl
       ~Red Rocks
       ~Madison Square Garden
       ~The Meadowlands
       ~BJCC (my hometown's big arena)
*Win a Grammy Award
*Write and record my own jazz record.
*Tour the entire Smithsonian Institute.
*Learn to play jazz piano.
*Make music with some of my musical heros (here's the short list)-
       ~ Sting
       ~ James Taylor
       ~ Willie Nelson
       ~ The Allman Brothers Band
       ~ Kenny Loggins
       ~ Michael McDonald
       ~ Branford Marsalis
       ~ John Scofield
       ~ Larry Goldings
       ~ Oteil Burbridge
*Be a great dad.
*Be a great husband.
*Be a great friend.
*Be remembered as a good person.
*Tell "the one that got away" how I always felt about her.
*Marry my very best friend.
*Become the best musician/drummer that I can be.
*Perform as a clinician at PASIC.
*Own a few hot rods-
       ~'34 Ford
       ~'35 Chevy
       ~'40 Ford
       ~'49 Mercury
       ~'57 Chevy
       ~'60 Corvette
       ~'65 GTO
       ~'67 Impala
       ~'68 Camaro
       ~'69 Charger
       ~'70 Oldsmobile 442
*Learn to fly an airplane.
*Learn to scuba dive.
*Write a that people will actually read.

Well...that's all I could come up with in one short sitting. I'm sure if I gave it more than five minutes thought I could come up with plenty more to add to this list. I'm also sure that you've noticed that a few items have already been marked off the list. I did that because they have always been on my bucket list...even before I knew to call it a bucket list. I also wanted to show that if effort and hard work (as well as a little good luck) is put into it, one can actually mark things off a bucket list...and not just in a last ditch effort to feel as if life hasn't passed you by.

We only get one ride on this roller coaster called goes by quick, so make it count. What's on your bucket list? Do you even have one? Make one and see how many items you can scratch off before you die.

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